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The Formation of YNBC

In 2022, the current members of YNBC's Board of Directors gathered at the InnovAsia conference in Busan, South Korea. This conference was dedicated to the study of new technologies and their impact on various industries in the Asia-Pacific region. InnovAsia has become the largest offline conference that brought together leading industry representatives, technology enthusiasts and innovators from all over the Asia-Pacific region after the Covid 19 outbreaks. It was then, when our Founder, Nikita Bondarenko, came up with the idea to create an organization that would provide young people engaged in business with tools for developing leadership skills that would contribute to the growth of their business, as well as establish an international network of professional contacts.

After many meetings and discussions within the Board of Directors, the name Youth Networking Business Committee of Asia-Pacific Region, abbreviated as YNBC, was proposed. The charter was approved, and those responsible for the main areas of activity were appointed. Since the founding of YNBC, we have been able to significantly increase the total revenue of member companies to US$ 73 billion. The number of our members today exceeded 90 in 48 countries of the Asia-Pacific region, and the total number of employees in our member companies amounted to about 65 thousand people, which contributed to the creation of many jobs and made a significant contribution to the prosperity of the region.

Now, YNBC strives to play a constructive role in strengthening the sense of openness and engagement by opening channels of cooperation with the Asia-Pacific countries. We strive to provide a platform for dialogue, cooperation and relationship-building by fostering constructive business relationships that can help mitigate the effects of these problems. Our members  of the Directory Board now represent different countries of the world, including South Korea, Singapore, Russia, India, China and Malaysia. 


Redefining the Way 
We Move

"To realize a dream, you need not only to think about it, but also to clearly formulate goals and think through a plan of action. Only then will you be able to achieve the desired result and realize your cherished dream. 

Before you plan and start walking towards a big dream, think carefully about whether this is really your dream. Perhaps it was imposed on you by your parents when you were a child, friends advised you, or you are too susceptible to external influence. Therefore, from the very beginning it is important to decide what you really want."

- Eleena Ilyoun Hwang

Executive Director of YNBC




What is YNBC?

Youth Networking Business Committee of Asia-Pacific Region (YNBC) is a non-governmental organization, which is formed to empower young individuals with leadership tools in order to foster business growth and innovation across the region. YNBC works on establishing an international network of professional relations and provides mentoring, seminars, as well as access to special analytics to supply businesses with necessary information for operation and development.

What are YNBC Networks?

YNBC networks link members with appropriate peer resources for commercial, personal, and social impact efforts both digitally and in person. They enable people from all around the world to communicate in real time via online confidential discussion forums. When new members join YNBC, their involvement is accelerated by the creation of an immediate worldwide network based on their professional, personal, or social-impact interests.

What is a Network Forum?

Forum is a confidential safe haven where you may communicate with your peers about personal and professional difficulties. Network forums have no geographical limitations and are generally industry or topic focused, allowing you to obtain the help you need no matter where you are in the globe.

What Tools are Available for Entrepreneurs?

YNBC has an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network to provide peer support to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. High-impact content modules offer members support with talent acquisition, strategy and planning, purpose and passion and execution.

Can YNBC Help Break out into a New Market?

YNBC has country-specific networks to assist members with introductions, local customs and business etiquette so they can expand their businesses into new markets around the globe.

Can My Partner or Family Member Join YNBC?

Partners and family members can join personal and social impact networks and even take on leadership roles as a network chair or event champion.

Can I Create My Own Group for My Area of Interest?

If you have an interest not represented by networks, YNBC provides the opportunity for members to start their own online groups to talk to others about any area of interest. A group can be created or disbanded at any time. 

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