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1. Development of Contacts in the Asia-Pacific Region

Through private business chats in WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc. Through online webinars, meetings and through conferences, which currently are not being arranged, but will be till 2023.

2. Networking with Business Leaders

Each member has to right to ask YNBC for a certain contact. YNBC's leadership community will connect you with the right contact, if he/she is available.

3. Access to a Public and Private News Channel

YNBC has both public and private channels via various social media platforms. Each member of the YNBC community will grant access to both channels.

4. Access to the Private YNBC Members Chat 

In addition, VIP members of the YNBC, will have a special mention on the website of the company, which will attract more contacts, connections, etc.

5. Opportunities to Find Partners or Business Ideas/Projects

YNBC operates, currently, in 13 countries of the Asia-Pacific, however, it will still continue to expand. Regarding such fact, a lot of organizations, companies, as well as individuals, will open their way to YNBC.

6. Alliances with other Organizations, Companies or Cooperations

YNBC is forming a network of partners in different countries. This gives the opportunity to make it easier for the members of the Committee to contact those organizations. 

7. Business Consultation

YNBC has a strategic partner, the Northeast Asia Business League, with the help of which we may provide our members with business consultation.

8. Training Programs

By the end of 2022, YNBC is planning to launch a special training program, through which members of YNBC, at any age, may learn key factors about business, as well as business culture. 

9. Access to Contacts of Chambers of Commerce in the Countries of Asia-Pacific

YNBC currently operates in 13 countries of the Asia-Pacific, in each country, we have provided contacts of various chambers of commerce and industry.