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We Invite your Family Members to Take Part!

"It is nice to connect with the members of YNBC. I think you are doing a great initiative to connect people around the world especially in innovative business. Even though I am retired professor and global businessman, I am very excited to join the group of people who are looking for innovation, networking and global business.
I have plenty of experience in business mentoring, executive leadership coaching, evaluation of investment, global collaborations and also lecturing Strategic management, Organizational theory, HRD etc.  So, I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with younger generations in APAC."
- Professor of Business Management at Kyonggi University, South Korea 
Yong Jin Park

Business Studies

Essential Business Concepts such as Business Culture, Management, Structure, Operation, Organization, etc.


Valuable advices for how to behave in different situations, both formal and informal


Knowledge about different cultures around the Asia-Pacific region will certainly keep you or your family members more aware


Guide to networking concepts, such as its essentials, format, style, etc. This guide will make you more ethical and notable

Student Programs

YNBC recognizes the importance in the development of the younger generations. So we provide various programs to stimulate and encourage the creativity, experience and knowledge span of your child.

  • Educational Programs

  • Competitions for Creative Work

  • Networking with Talented Student Around the Globe

  • Practice in Business Set Up

  • Learning Opportunities from Experienced Business Leaders


Why Invite Family Members?

YNBC is open for connections, as well as it's ready to share its connections. We understand the importance of the word "family" and are always keen to help develop tight relationships amongst it. 

YNBC's family program lets you invite your family member to join and participate in different sections, programs, activities, etc. This will let your family member gain new interests, discover fascinating news, keep up to date with modern trends, take part in educational programs and learn new things, develop a further understanding about the world, connect with business leaders and more.

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