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Looking Up at Skyscrapers

Global Affiliations

YNBC boasts its network of global affiliations, fostering international partnerships and expanding its reach across diverse markets and regions.

Singapore University of Technology & Design ( SUTD)

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) ranks among the top 50 young universities globally, with a 100% employment rate for its graduates, a diverse student body from over 30 countries, and a strong focus on interdisciplinary education and innovation. SUTD cooperates with YNBC to pioneer cutting-edge education, and develop advanced robotics, and autonomous solutions.

DevOps Asia Summit

The DevOps Asia Summit, a prominent event in the technology industry, partners with YNBC to bring transformative DevOps strategies and practices to businesses worldwide, empowering organizations to achieve seamless software delivery and operational excellence.

Wefaa Robotics

Wefaa Robotics, a leading player in the robotics industry, is renowned for its cutting-edge autonomous solutions and boasts a close collaboration with YNBC, facilitating the integration of advanced robotics technology into YNBC's innovative consulting services, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering tailored solutions to clients across various industries.

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