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President & CEO

Vice President of Information Systems and Technology Innovation

Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management

Vice President of Quality Assurance and Process Excellence

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance

 Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis

Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Development

Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

 Senior Director of Legal Compliance and Corporate Governance

Senior Director of Sales Operations and Strategic Partnerships

Senior Director of Financial Strategy and Analysis

Senior Director of Operations Planning and Execution

 Senior Director of Innovation and Emerging Technologies

Senior Director of International Sales and Market Expansion

Director of Sales Enablement and Channel Development

Director of Legal Contracts and Intellectual Property

Director of Learning and Development Programs & Market Research

 Director of Corporate Branding and External Communications

Director of Enterprise Risk Assessment and Compliance

Director of Technology Innovation and

R&D Strategy


Environmental Sustainability and ESG Initiatives Department

Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation Department

Sales Operations and Channel Enablement Department

Global Market Expansion and Trade Development Department

Legal Affairs and Regulatory Compliance Department

Financial Strategy and Capital Management Department

Strategic Futures and Disruptive Innovation Department

Operational Excellence and Agile Transformation Department

Brand Experience Innovation and Experiential Marketing Department

Operations Excellence and Process Optimization Department

Risk Management & Compliance Innovations Department


IT Strategy and Digital Transformation Committee

Technology Innovation and Research Committee

Green Initiatives and Energy Efficiency Committee

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Committee

Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Innovation Committee

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee

Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Devices


Talent Acquisition and Skills Development in IT Committee

Sustainable Supply Chain and Circular Economy Committee

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