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Forest Lake

Natural Resources

We provide deep experience across the oil & gas and utilities & renewables sectors to deliver operational excellence and fuel strategic growth.

77 Billion USD

As a leader in the natural resources sector, you face daily challenges in a landscape of market uncertainties and the constant need for improved performance. Now, more than ever, you require a trusted advisor to guide your strategic decisions and pave the way for success. We are here to help you unlock your full potential, foster resilience, and mitigate risks throughout the value chain, spanning exploration and production to retail networks and related services.

With our extensive global experience and innovative methodologies, we bring value to your organization and empower you to achieve your goals. Through our involvement in over 1,400 natural resources consulting projects, we have assisted clients in transforming into leaner, agile entities. Our team of experts possesses unparalleled knowledge and tackles a wide range of industry challenges, including price volatility, supply chain disruptions, and the evolving landscape of alternative energy sources.

We firmly believe in co-creating solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. From the very beginning, we proactively address change management, collaborating with your teams at all levels and equipping them with lasting capabilities to sustain success long after our engagement concludes.

Each day, our natural resources experts partner with leadership teams across the industry. We support exploration and production companies in achieving growth through streamlined projects across various subsectors, whether onshore, offshore, or in unconventional domains. We assist midstream players in their pursuit of operational efficiency and scalability. Refiners rely on us for strategy and operational excellence. Additionally, we work closely with international and national resource companies, independent producers, and service providers to facilitate the adoption of transformative technologies.

Our expertise enables you to enhance cost efficiency and productivity, maximize the value of your portfolio, and harness the power of digital and analytics tools to unlock the full potential of your assets. By leveraging our guidance, clients respond effectively to market shifts, reshape their portfolios with agility, transform their operating models to unleash the full potential of their teams, and attract, develop, and empower the finest scientists and engineers. Our reputation in the natural resources sector is built on the strong results we help our clients achieve, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity.

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Experience & Impact

$2 Tril USD+

Global mining industry's market capitalization reach


Renewable energy sources account of the world's electricity generation by 2050

$373B USD+

Estimated Mining companies' IT initiatives potential


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