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The Business League of Northeast Asian Countries dates back to 2000, when the All-Russian Fund for Afro-Asian Development (FAAD) was established. After several years of successful work of the Foundation, it was decided to narrow the geography of our activities and focus on trade and economic relations with the countries of Northeast Asia - China (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan and Korea). Even then, this region became a driver of global economic growth, and these countries began to be called "Asian tigers".

Having selected a team of top-class professionals, we were able in a relatively short time to establish a direct dialogue between Russian businessmen and Asian partners, the most powerful industrial holdings with advanced technologies and huge investment and financial potential.

Even during the pandemic, our traders were able to find completely new forms of trade organization, quickly switching to electronic, which allowed to reduce time and save resources.

At a time when borders were practically closed and personal contacts became almost impossible, long-term trusting relations with our foreign partners allowed us to practically not reduce the pace of trade, the benefit is that Northeast Asia produces almost the entire set of modern products - from the most complex machine tools and electronics to cosmetics and light industry goods. 

Thanks to our active work, Russian businesses have the opportunity to work directly with Asian Tigers, implement their own investment and trade projects, and effectively use foreign trade and exhibition sites.  Our Eastern partners have a real opportunity to enter Russian e-commerce platforms, local markets of Russian regions and the countries of the Eurasian Union.

I welcome our long-standing partners and invite new ones to work together. Whether we want it or not, the world is being rebuilt and we must rebuild with it. But on the way to success, our partners remain with us, whom we trust and who trust us.


Good luck! 

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Dr. Mikhail Bondarenko,
President of the Northeast Asian Business League, 

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea (2010-2020)