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Interfaith Collaboration for Climate Action: Building Partnerships and Mobilizing Resources for Sustainable Development Projects

Updated: May 12

YNBC has recently collaborated with student researchers from Yonsei University, South Korea, notably Seonghun Kim and Seohee Jun, in the completion of the following research article. This article delves into the burgeoning significance of interfaith collaboration in confronting the challenges posed by climate change. The research investigates the dynamics and efficacy of interfaith partnerships in mobilizing resources and executing sustainable development projects aimed at mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Employing interdisciplinary perspectives from theology, environmental science, and development studies, the article scrutinizes case studies of successful interfaith initiatives worldwide.

These case studies illustrate the varied approaches and tactics employed by religious communities, organizations, and leaders to harness their collective influence and resources for climate action. Furthermore, the article scrutinizes the significance of interfaith dialogue, advocacy, and education in heightening awareness, fostering consensus, and spurring transformative change at local, national, and global scales. By amalgamating empirical evidence, theoretical insights, and practical experiences, this research augments comprehension regarding the potential of interfaith collaboration as a driving force for sustainable development and climate resilience in an increasingly interconnected global milieu.

Main Researchers

  1. Nikita Bondarenko, Chief Executive Officer of YNBC;

  2. Alex Hong, Chief Sustainability Officer of YNBC & Former Representative of ASEAN at the World Climate Foundation

  3. Artour Lim, Associate in the Department of Sustainable Research at YNBC


  1. Seonghun Kim, Student Researcher at Yonsei University;

  2. Seohee Jung, Student Researcher at Yonsei University;

  3. Sergey Rychagov, Vice President for Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

  4. Phillip Ting, Associate of the Research & Development Department at YNBC

  5. Shweta Bhattacharjee, Assistant Head of the Department for Information Technology & Digital Transformation

  6. Hutsana Sangnet, Social & Public Sector Industry Correspondent

Interfaith Collaboration for Climate Action_ Building Partnerships and Mobilizing Resource
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