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The Purpose of Business Etiquette

The French term "etiquette" appeared three centuries ago, but even today its meaning remains unchanged. Rules of conduct are the most important component of public life. They change over time, but they will always remain a sign of good manners and upbringing. In this newsletter, I will consider the concept of "business etiquette": what it is, and what basic rules and nuances it consists of.

If earlier business etiquette was understood as the rules of behaviour at social events – balls, receptions, routs, today it represents the norms of communication with colleagues, business partners, subordinates, and bosses. They apply both to conversations – directly or by means of communication, and to clothing standards that are appropriate in the office or at business events.

A person who not only knows but also observes the etiquette of business communication stands out favourably among the general mass of people. It has the following advantages:

  • You look more educated and well-mannered;

  • saves his own time and the time of the second party, shows respect for the interlocutor;

  • shows himself to be a professional at work;

  • facilitates interaction and relationships with other people, they become much easier and more effective.

The bonuses from observing the rules of etiquette are very impressive, so it's worth delving into their study in more detail. Observing at least some of them can significantly simplify the life of yourself and your work partners.

CEO & Founder of TBS


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