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President's Message

Dear Friends, 


Greetings from the Youth Networking Business Committee! 


On behalf of YNBC, I would like to welcome you to our website! 


YNBC was founded in the Republic of Korea, as a result of joint efforts to answer the calls for the development of youth business entities, as well as to advance its members' growth and prosperity by offering trade and investment opportunities. 

The development of the world economy and trade increasingly depends on the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, where economic shifts on a global scale have been taking place in recent years. The global financial, economic and reproductive crisis of 2008 - 2009 gave additional dynamics to the economic processes developing in Asia‒Pacific economic space and accelerated its transformation into the largest centre of the world economy and trade. This is not surprising, since more than 50 states and territories, including the largest economic powers, adjoin this area of the planet: India, China, USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.


It is the Asia-Pacific region that confidently leads in terms of GDP growth and foreign trade turnover, intensively increases industrial production, demonstrates outstanding achievements in the effective commercial use of the results of scientific and technological progress, and actively introduces innovations. The generally recognized economic successes of many countries of the Asia-Pacific region are based on their competitive advantages, provided by a high level of savings, relatively low (in most cases) labour costs, a course towards forced industrialization, and a clearly expressed export orientation of national economies. 


YNBC, therefore, works on further acceleration of solutions to global challenges through new models of public-private cooperation and builds bridges across sectors, regions, and ideologies to establish trust that transcends current divides in the Asia-Pacific region. YNBC invests in learning to help leaders deepen their understanding of key challenges facing our planet and humanity, as well as share their stories to illuminate what leadership could, and should, look like across the world.


Now, YNBC is selected across sectors and regions, bringing together the brightest minds to look at world issues from different perspectives. In a community of responsible leaders, the members are driven by their desire to create a positive change in society. Through executive education modules, events, experiential opportunities, and peer exchanges, the members develop their leadership capacities to attain greater impact. Its ambition is to create a world where leaders take personal and collective responsibility for a more sustainable future. 


I would like to extend the best of wishes to you, and I believe your support will assist with our continued success. 

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