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YNBC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains exclusively to the data acquired through the website, systems, and platforms hosted at, as well as any other YNBC-affiliated websites where it is prominently displayed (collectively referred to as the "Sites"). Your utilization of the Sites implies your acknowledgment of the practices delineated in this Privacy Policy concerning any information furnished by you during your visit and any information you may have previously provided through the Sites, or data accumulated from your interactions with the Sites.

It is imperative to note that this Privacy Policy extends its applicability to the information gathered not only via but also through materials, documents, and analogous mediums that may be legally designated. 

This Privacy Policy ensures that the information collected will not be shared with any third parties, inclusive of yourself. Nevertheless, you retain the right to request access to your personal information at any time. This access enables you to modify, update, or request the removal of your data from the YNBC database.

It is imperative to underscore that subsequent to the contractual relationship, your personal information shall be held in strict confidence by YNBC and will not be disclosed to any external entities. The confidentiality of your personal information is maintained as an integral aspect of our commitment to safeguarding your privacy.

Privacy Policy

YNBC understands the importance of privacy 

We need to collect your personal information in order to administer and provide you with those of our services you subscribed to, to customize our services and contents to your interests, and otherwise conduct our business operations and activities, including improving and marketing our services, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In that regard, we are committed to protecting your privacy and want to make sure that you understand how your personal information is used. 


What personal information we collect 


When you subscribe to one of our services, we request the basic information to provide you with that service. When you apply for membership, we ask for information such as your name, contact information, email address, physical address (optional), birthdate and company information. 


When you register with the Sites, we collect the necessary information to proceed with registration to the Sites, namely your name, email address, physical address, business scope and valuation, and other autobiographical information, and you can also provide additional information in your profile, such as your phone number, instant message identifier, birthday, marital status, professional experience, education background, family members’ names and similar autobiographical information, photos, hobbies, and other interests. When you visit the Sites, we receive data about your interaction with various functionalities on the Sites, such as when you join a group and share information with other members. We also receive information about you from other members, such as when they add you to a group or “tag’” you in a publication or other content on the Sites. As explained in the Questions and Answers below, we may ask for additional information in your visits to the Sites. We keep track of your participation in YNBC activities and member services so we can understand our members’ interests and evaluate the effectiveness of our offerings. Where permitted by applicable law, we also collect demographic information from other sources to help us learn more about member characteristics and needs. All of this information helps us better serve our members and improve our programs. 

Why and when we collect personal information? 


YNBC collects your personal information in order to conduct its business operations and activities, market and sell our services and provide you with our services. 


We collect your personal information when you visit and otherwise use the Sites (e.g. to publish content or information), when you register with the Sites, provide us with such information using electronic or paper form, buy our services, contact us by telephone, fax, email, post, the Sites or any other mean, contact our care service or provide feedback on our services. 


Please note that by registering at the Sites, or by otherwise providing information on the Sites, you understand that the data that you provide to us will be transferred to and processed in the Republic of Singapore. 

Your Privacy at a Glance

Information Sharing 


We share your personal information with YNBC divisions, as well as companies we have selected to provide official YNBC member services or support YNBC operations, located within and outside of the Asia-Pacific region. Our contracts with these companies require them to maintain an adequate level of protection of the personal data, and to keep the information confidential and secure, and allow them to use the information only under YNBC’s instructions and in order to offer the contracted services to YNBC and YNBC members. We may release personal information on the rare occasions when we are required to do so by law, or when necessary or appropriate to comply with legal process or to protect or defend YNBC and its members in compliance with applicable law. We do not sell or rent personal information to telemarketers, mailing list brokers or any other companies except as specified explicitly in this Privacy Policy. 

Information Retention 


We store your personal information for as long as necessary to provide the services you have requested, or for other business purposes such as but not limited to: complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes and enforcing the agreements to which YNBC is a party. YNBC is required by law to keep some types of information for certain periods of time (e.g. Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires a period of seven (7) years after a customer terminates their relationship.). If your personal information is no longer necessary with respect to purposes for which it is processed and YNBC has no legal obligation to retain that personal information, we will anonymize the data by following YNBC’s data destruction process. 

What rights do I have with respect to my personal information? 


Under applicable law, you may be entitled to access the personal information that we hold about you. If you request access to your personal information, in ordinary circumstances we will give you access to your personal information. However, there may be some legal or administrative reasons allowing us to deny such access. If we refuse your request to access your personal information, we will provide you with reasons for the refusal where we are required by law to give those reasons. 


You can access and correct some of your personal information through the Sites by logging into your account and updating or editing your profile at any time. Alternatively, a request for access can be made by contacting us using the details provided below. 


YNBC uses its best efforts to ensure that any personal information we collect and use is accurate, complete and up-to-date. To assist us in this, you need to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as requested, and properly update the information provided to us to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. Please tell us if any change occurs regarding the personal information you provided us with, notably by updating or editing your profile or contacting us in any of the ways specified below if you believe that the personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, and we will correct the information. 


You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal information and/or ask for it to be ported to another provider of your choice. 


Please note that such a request may be limited to the sole personal information you provided us with or that we hold at that given time and subject to any relevant legal requirements and exemptions, including identity verification procedures. 

Vendors, Suppliers, and Consultants

We will collect, use and store vendor information for the purposes of administering and maintaining records of services or advice we have procured, and commissioning further services. The basis is that such data is necessary for maintaining these business services & legal contracts and for facilitating audits. Retention period is determined by the legal contracts, regulators, and laws applicable.

Business Contacts

If you have had contact with us, for example through emailing us or meeting a representative, we collect, use and store limited amounts of personal information relating to you, such as your name, job title, employer organization and contact details. The basis is that such data is necessary to maintain a record of contacts, facilitate business communication, and organizing meetings. 

Contact Us

If you have inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy or wish to communicate with our Data Protection Officer or Data Privacy Team, please reach out to us at:


68 Circular Road #02-01, Singapore 049422

Membership Profile (Required)

When you apply to join YNBC as a member, you are required to enter data to determine if you meet membership requirements such as birthdate and company information. You are also required to enter personal information such as email address and phone numbers and payment information so that we can communicate with you and perform transactions on your behalf. The basis is that such data is necessary for our legitimate interests in running and promoting our membership organization.

1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Date of Birth
4. Gender
5. Mobile Phone Number
6. E-Mail
7. Current Location
8. Home Country & City
9. Emergency Contact Information
- First Name
- Last Name
- Mobile Phone Number
- Current Location
10. Referral Information
11. Postal Address
12. Company Name
13. Full Company Address
14. Telephone
15. Website
16. Title in Company
17. Who Do You Report To?
18. Total Number of Employees in
the Company
19. Company Legal Structure
20. Total Dollar Volume in USD
21. Company Valuation in USD
22. Company Valuation Method

Retention period is seven (7) years after you notify and terminate your relationship with us.

Membership Profile (Optional)

When you apply and join YNBC as member, you may enter additional data about yourself, spouse, and children. Such data includes your skills & autobiographical information, and contact and payment information for spouse & children. The data is to facilitate your communication with other members and/or to purchase optional benefits & services on the behalf of your spouse and children. The basis is that such data is necessary for our legitimate interests in running and promoting our membership organization.

Retention period is seven (7) years after you notify and terminate your relationship with us.

If you are not satisfied with our answer or the way YNBC processes your personal information pursuant to this Privacy Policy, you may also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority.

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