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At YNBC, we are always working hard to publish and promote new books. Browse in our collection below, to find unique and fascinating books!

ANNUAL REPORT [2022-2023]


YNBC is a leadership community of extraordinary individuals and organizations operating in the Asia-Pacific Region. YNBC welcomes extraordinary leaders to grow stronger together to improve lives, businesses and the world.

We are driven by the shared belief that the world needs better leaders. We come together in YNBC to become better leaders and better people. Through YNBC, we are inspired and supported to make a difference in the lives, businesses and the world we impact.

YNBC - 2022 Report

South Korean Business Culture

Author: Nikita Bondarenko

This book offers a penetrating analysis of the behaviour and values that shape the Korean business personality. Good manners are a necessary skill in the modern world. Knowing what to say, wear and how to behave opens up prospects in all spheres of life.

YNBC - Publication

I am Founded in a 100 times Larger Global Market

Author:  Kang Nam-young

KBS 1TV New Year Special Feature Global Market Challengers Representative Company TRC Korea! Establishing with 5 million KRW and stealing the strategy of a global company with annual sales of 2 billion KRW!

Success is Achieved When it is Shared

Author: Kim Kwang Seok

The author who was one of the most successful pharmacists and skin pharmaceutical products specialists experienced a turning point in his life when selling medicine he produced to other drugstores happened to violate the healthcare law. His mistake out of legal ignorance cost him a small fortune. However, it led to the formation of Charmzone Cosmetics, which he launched in an attempt to make up for his big mistake.

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