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Machinery & Equiptment

YNBC works with the world’s leading producers of machinery, equipment, systems and controls to navigate shifts in demand from mature to developing markets.

77 Billion USD

The machinery and equipment industry is on the cusp of a transformative journey, driven by the advancements of Industry 4.0 technologies that enable the reinvention of capabilities and the adoption of solutions-centric business models.

With the rise of advanced automation and data analytics, companies now have the opportunity to embrace tightly integrated, end-to-end automation and leverage powerful insights. This paradigm shift is further fueled by the entry of new players unencumbered by traditional business models.

As the profit potential in the machinery, systems, and control market is projected to double by 2030, there is a compelling incentive for companies to modernize their technology infrastructure. Our team brings profound expertise in digital transformation, Industry 4.0, advanced analytics, cost optimization, organizational design, and more to help you craft and execute a winning strategy.

Moreover, we can assist you in enhancing all facets of your operations, ranging from procurement, supply chain, and operating models to customer experience, B2B sales and marketing, and engineering excellence. By optimizing these core aspects, you can achieve remarkable levels of efficiency and establish yourself as a performance leader in the industry. Additionally, our extensive experience in private equity and mergers and acquisitions, coupled with unparalleled due diligence capabilities, positions us to guide you through industry consolidation, analyze long-term market scenarios, and maintain a competitive edge in this highly dynamic landscape.

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$173B USD

global construction equipment market size is projected reach


Expected CAGR growth of the Global Industrial Robotics Market from 2021 - 2026


Projected global demand for energy-efficient appliances and equipment by 2040


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