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Digital technology, emerging market opportunities and changing consumer trends are putting more variables in flux for the retail industry than ever before.

77 Billion USD

In the ever-evolving world of retail, adaptability is crucial. Our team of retail consultants understands what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. As pioneers of the omnichannel concept a decade ago, we have been at the forefront of shaping the Future of Retail.

We are now entering the era of Retail Convergence, where traditional retailers and digital natives are vying for the same customers, talent, profit pools, and shareholders. This convergence, coupled with emerging technologies, an increasing number of consumer touchpoints, and the growing importance of sustainability, heightens the urgency for all players to transform their core retail and digital capabilities.

With a proven track record of delivering measurable results, we have helped leading retailers worldwide achieve increased sales, reduced costs, improved customer experiences, impactful innovation, and enhanced shareholder value. By leveraging our proprietary analytics, software platforms, and deep customer insights, we empower retailers to navigate uncertainty, capitalize on data and technology, and leapfrog the competition.

Let us assist you in refining your retail strategy to:

1. Maximize customer love: Utilize your deep and proprietary knowledge of your customers to enhance loyalty, retention, and advocacy, while creating personalized shopping journeys that exceed expectations.
2. Excel at core retail: Optimize your assortment, pricing, and promotions, balancing them with localization, private labels, and innovation to captivate customers.
3. Redefine the omnichannel footprint: Evolve your supply chain and store networks to ensure seamless customer experiences and fast, resilient, and cost-effective fulfillment.
4. Accelerate the tech transformation: Future-proof your technology infrastructure, allocate spending towards business-growing innovations, automation, and data management, and embrace an agile, product-based operating model.
5. Tap into new profit streams: Diversify your profit pools by venturing into high-growth and high-margin adjacencies such as retail media, data monetization, and new marketplaces.
6. Build a scale ecosystem: Define your role within the ecosystem, develop scale and new in-house capabilities, and explore strategic M&A and partnerships.
7. Achieve an ultralean cost base: Streamline your costs across procurement, stores, and operating models to fuel your transformation.
8. Kick-start your ESG journey: Position your company for a more sustainable future by converting challenges into actionable and measurable projects.
9. Push web3 boundaries: Create connected consumer experiences by embracing innovative store concepts and immersive metaverse encounters that integrate browsing, NFTs, and payments.


We collaborate with you to ensure success with all stakeholders, including customers, communities, NGOs, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, as you future-proof your business. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity drives us to build diverse teams that collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of industry leaders. With certain partnerships, along with our expert executive networks and proprietary data and software tools, we are uniquely positioned to solve your most demanding challenges.

How We Can Help

Experience & Impact

$297B USD+

Global retail management consulting market size


Retailers prioritizing technology investments to drive growth.

$4.3 Tril USD+

Approximate global e-commerce sales volume


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