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Nikita Bondarenko

Nikita Bondarenko founded and leads YNBC from July 2022.

As the Founder and CEO of YNBC, Nikita leads the organization's technological innovation initiatives, including technological engineering, product design, and the development of software algorithms. Nikita oversees the optimization of operational efficiency through the implementation of advanced technologies and streamlined processes, as well as formulates and executes global development strategies to expand YNBC's footprint in key markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities. With a keen focus on vision and strategy, Nikita drives the alignment of technological advancements with the company's overarching goals and objectives. 

Since the company's inception in 2022, YNBC's mission has been to spearhead innovation and technological advancement while fostering the development of future leaders within the domain of artificial intelligence, and to create a positive environment for the safe implementation of modern technologies. YNBC's first endeavour involved the development of the world's first AI algorithm, named "Adeline", designed for integration into corporate operations and mass media communication. The project was valued at over $25 million USD, encompassed its development and implementation phases, in collaboration with Nvidia Corporation, as well as plans for cooperation with the Ivy League universities' in the field of business management programs. In early 2024, Adeline's algorithm became way to unpredicted, causing high risk for usage. This was discovered once the algorithm became autonomously making decisions for its activity, in results to which Nikita fully terminated the project's launch and ceased further development. Since then, the project "Adeline" became one of the first and most dangerous projects in YNBC's history.

In 2023, Nikita has founded the YNBC Research Institute, epitomizing the organization's dedication to pioneering scientific inquiry and fostering innovation across multifaceted domains. Comprising various research divisions, including the Center for Advanced Technology Research & Innovation (CATRI), Utilities, Renewable Energy & Sustainability Division (URES), Advanced Center for Educational Transformation (ACET), Center for Exoplanetary Research and Astrobiology (CERA), Center for Bio-Inspired Robotics and Engineering (BIRE), Center for Advanced Data Analytics and Research (CADAR), and Center for Digital Marketing Research & Innovation (CDMRI), the institute stands at the forefront of technological advancement, health and life sciences research, educational transformation, exoplanetary exploration, bio-inspired robotics, data analytics, and digital marketing innovation. With a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and addressing pressing global challenges, the YNBC Research Institute embodies a beacon of scientific excellence and transformative research endeavors.

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