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YNBC Research Institute


The YNBC Research Institute is an organization at the forefront of scientific innovation and discovery. Established with a clear vision to push the boundaries of knowledge, the institute has consistently demonstrated a commitment to advancing research across a wide spectrum of fields, from biotechnology and environmental science to artificial intelligence and social sciences. 

Center for Advanced Technology Research & Innovation (CATRI)

CATRI pioneers technology research, fostering innovation for the advancement of various industries and applications.

Utilities, Renewable Energy & Sustainability Division (URES)

URES advances sustainable solutions, bridging utilities and renewable energy for a greener, more resilient future.

Center of Advanced Health & Life Sciences Research (AHLSR)

AHLSR spearheads cutting-edge health and life sciences research, driving innovation and medical breakthroughs.

Advanced Center for Educational Transformation (ACET)

ACET revolutionizes education through advanced research, driving transformative change in learning and teaching.

Center for Exoplanetary Research and Astrobiology (CERA)

CERA explores exoplanets and astrobiology, unveiling the potential for life beyond Earth in the cosmos.

Center for Bio-Inspired Robotics and Engineering (BIRE)

BIRE innovates bio-inspired robotics and engineering, harnessing nature's principles for advanced technology and automation.

Center for Advanced Data Analytics and Research (CADAR)

CADAR leads cutting-edge data analytics research, unlocking insights for informed decisions and innovation.

Center for Digital Marketing Research & Innovation (CDMRI)

CDMRI drives digital marketing excellence with insightful consumer data for strategic growth.


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