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YNBC Launches the "YNBC Research Institute" to Drive Scientific Advancements

January 18, 2024 - YNBC has announced the establishment of the "YNBC Research Institute," a new initiative aimed at advancing technology research across various disciplines.

The YNBC Research Institute will focus on research in fields such as technology, specifically in areas such as artificial intelligence, engineering, and related fields. Its mission is to advance knowledge and drive innovation in these specific domains, contributing to the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

The institute comprises several divisions, each focusing on specific research domains:

  • Center for Advanced Technology Research & Innovation (CATRI) - CATRI will conduct research to drive innovation in technology across different industries.

  • Utilities, Renewable Energy & Sustainability Division (URES) - URES will focus on researching sustainable solutions in utilities and renewable energy sectors.

  • Center of Advanced Health & Life Sciences Research (AHLSR) - AHLSR will undertake research in health and life sciences to foster medical breakthroughs.

  • Advanced Center for Educational Transformation (ACET) - ACET will conduct research to drive transformation in education methodologies.

  • Center for Exoplanetary Research and Astrobiology (CERA) - CERA will focus on research related to exoplanets and astrobiology.

  • Center for Bio-Inspired Robotics and Engineering (BIRE) - BIRE will conduct research in bio-inspired robotics and engineering.

  • Center for Advanced Data Analytics and Research (CADAR) - CADAR will focus on research in data analytics to drive informed decision-making.

  • Center for Digital Marketing Research & Innovation (CDMRI) - CDMRI will conduct research in digital marketing to foster strategic growth.

The establishment of the YNBC Research Institute underscores YNBC's commitment to driving scientific research and innovation.

For more information about the institute, you may visit -


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