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Asia-Pacific Region

Asia-Pacific is the part of the world near the western Pacific Ocean. The Asia-Pacific region varies in area depending on context, but it generally includes East Asia, Russian Far East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia and Pacific Islands.

The Asia-Pacific region is of strategic importance for the whole world. It is here that the main competitive struggle of the largest TNCs unfolds. Twenty-one national economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the largest international economic union, account for 57% of international trade acts and $16 trillion of total GDP.


By 2030, GDP growth in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach 70%. The largest importers and exporters of high technologies are developing countries. The economies of these countries, which are not accidentally called Asian "tigers" or "dragons", are developing rapidly and are taking leading positions in the world in terms of economic indicators.


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To be successful in business, you need to know not only what others know, but also those who they know. Establishing business contacts is a key task, as established connections put you out of competition.

One of the best tips that anyone who has ever worked as an intern in a large organization has received is: "Make connections, make connections and make connections again while you're there. Use the advantage of the access that you have and that will allow you to meet certain people and create your own network of contacts so that when you or your colleague leave, there will be a foundation for a professional relationship.

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"The Youth Networking Business Committee of Asia-Pacific Region is a great initiative! Always welcome for support and cooperation"
- President of the Council of International Chambers of Commerce
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Vadim Dengin

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Categories of Establishing Links

Previously, when regular mail was the main form of business communication, it took days to establish contact with someone from another company. With the advent of the phone, it is enough just to pick up the phone and call, but modern technology has made even the phone unimportant in many ways.


Knowing only the names of people, you can "Google" them, look at their profiles on LinkedIn, find out information about them on Facebook and, if they have Twitter, read their tweets. Information about people is becoming more accessible in principle, but this does not detract from the importance of old-fashioned offline networking. If you ask ten different people to define "networking", you will get ten different answers, so what's important, is what you think it is.

The Role of Public Relations in Business

The stronger your presence in the professional community, the more benefit you can derive from it. People get there for a reason, everyone owns certain resources, intellectual and social capital. Therefore, any new contact has the potential for mutually beneficial cooperation. These are the opportunities that such a relationship opens up.



We Offer You a Network of Professionals

Business connections in business play one of the main roles. The world can no longer be turned around alone. In order to achieve significant results, it is necessary to gather a team of people around you, which will be a support on the thorny path to success.


Therefore, "networking", or the creation of business connections, is considered one of the most important business tools. The more people are willing to come to the rescue, provide a service or help with advice, the more chances to achieve success.


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Working with the Business Committee of Asia Pacific Region will allow you to gain a lot of useful experience, qualifications, as well as reccommendations. Whilst cooperating with us, you have an opportunity to build up your own netowrk of connections.