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Vice President of YNBC attends an International Inclusive Football Duathlon & Cyber Sport Tournament

Updated: Feb 10

Nikita Bondarenko
Nikita Bondarenko, Vice President of YNBC

November 18, 2022 - Vice President of Operations and External Affairs of YNBC, Nikita Bondarenko, attended an event for children, teenagers and youth with disabilities, the international inclusive duathlon tournament for children, adolescents and youth with health restrictions.

The organizers of the event are ANO "Unique World" with the support of YNBC (Youth Networking Business Committee), the Russian Football Union, the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the city Moscow, the Russian Computer Sports Federation, the House of Latin America and the Foundation for the Promotion of Science, Education and Medicine.

The main goals of the tournament were to develop and strengthen cultural and humanitarian ties between the Russian Federation and Latin American countries, popularize football and esports in the international arena, as well as attract public attention to the problems of disabled children.

The competitions were held in a format combining real and interactive football. Teams of children with disabilities from the Moscow football clubs CSKA, Dynamo and Spartak will take part in the tournament. Also, the teams of GBOU school No. 1252 named after Cervantes, GBU CSSV "Scarlet Sails", CSPSiD Zapadnoye Degunino and the children's team from the embassies of Latin America will compete with each other.

The teams of the Latin American national team, the Moscow Government, the Russian Computer Sports Federation and the ANO "Unique World", as well as the Russian Football Union, which will include the famous Russian football player Alexey Smertin and Olympic champion Alexey Nemov, took the field.

Nikita Bondarenko
Nikita Bondarenko, YNBC

In addition, young participants will be able to face off in the popular game "FIFA 22" on PS4.

In total, about 100 athletes from Russia and Latin American countries took part in the tournament, most of whom have health restrictions. Among the honored guests of the event are representatives of the Russian Computer Sports Federation, the Russian Football Union, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, ambassadors and businessmen of Latin American countries, public figures, artists and media representatives.

Source: Official Website of the Mayor of Moscow


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